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Definitely a Pro

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Here is a little about our very first 420 spot. It has 2 ATMs so far. We decided to use Halo2s as we always do but these have multiple cash cassettes. 1 holds 100s and the 2nd holds 20s. The limit is still 200.00 and we can change this later if the need is there. Additional cash can be accessed for between 1.5% and up to 2%.

My first question was about the cash as to how it is dispensed. The 100s always come first and if the 100s run out, the 20s will run until empty. This should greatly help in carrying such a "brick" of 20s and it is especially good if your bank charges you 15 cents per hundred dollars, like many do.

The first day had 12 approved transactions at 3.95 per swipe and day 2 did 15 swipes. We are on a pace of 450 transactions per day and are optimistic about reaching 600 as business improves.

Thanks to everyone that is following, feel free to post anything good or bad about your ATM experiences.

Regards, Doug
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