Justin Gilmore Built an ATM Empire With ATMMachines.com

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Justin Gilmore Built an ATM Empire With ATMMachines.com

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October 20, 2020 02:40 ET | Source: ATM Machines

Tucker, GA, Oct. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Few people would think of starting an ATM business, least of all as a way to earn a passive income, but that’s just what Justin Gilmore did almost 20 years ago, and today he owns and operates thousands of ATMs all over the US. He’s also started teaching others how to do the same and change their lives for the better through his proven business model.

Justin was among the many people who thought that ATMs were owned and operated by banks, not third-party companies. However, early in his 20’s, while he was looking for a business opportunity to attain a steady income stream, he learned that the opposite was true. He quickly learned how the ATM business works and started building his own ATM route in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. This proved to be a highly successful venture, and soon he was making around $15,000 per month.

The Start of an Empire
Almost 20 years down the line, Mr. Gilmore has managed to greatly expand his business into a company with 14 employees and a service that’s nationally recognized. He managed all of this in his early 20’s with almost no capital and zero experience.
“After a while, my company grew big enough to start building a team, and I was able to really dig into the metrics. I had a solid strategy, and the company was doing great. The only thing was that we sort of had a roof over us in regards to expansion. Once again, I needed a new system to get to the next level,” he adds.
That’s when Justin realized he could also teach others to do the same, and so he built an online course on ATMMachines.com. It’s a tough business, helping others get their own companies off the ground, but Justin isn’t a stranger to hard work. The legacy he’s building is a testament to that.
Teaching Others to Take Charge of Their Own Income
Building an ATM business isn’t rocket science, at least according to Mr. Gilmore. However, it does take know-how and hard work, which is why his online course has been so successful at helping others get their feet up off the ground.
Part of that success is fueled by his dedication to seeing his clients’ successes as his own. By treating them as partners instead of a source of income, he makes sure to give them the keys they need to unlock their own strategic growth. This puts ATM Machines a cut above the rest and ensures Justin’s empire is just starting to show everyone its full potential.
Check out Justin Gilmore’s Instagram page, @atmmachines_com, to learn more about his business and get some insight into how the ATM industry works from one of its experts.
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